New and Improved Spears Computer World


It has been a long time since I’ve written a blog entry on this blog! A lot has changed since the last time I’ve written or even shared a product! Fret not because I have a much better WordPress site! Go to

At the new and improved Spears Computer World, you will be able to check out our latest product reviews, participate in the forums (under Resources), get information about our web design services, and you can now purchase domain names and web hosting  to our clients and future clients! So what are you waiting for?!? Go ahead and subscribe our new website and take a look! Leave us some feedback on our new site! I’m looking forward to building a community of people who like what I like-technology!! But, we will also have some non-technology items we will review to try to accommodate all our readers!

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Contest: Wusic Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Give-a-way


The kind people at WusicTech gave me the opportunity to review their product! To show my appreciation to my blog followers, I will be giving away a free unit to one lucky reader. Winners are eligible from my website post, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, BBM Channel, etc. Leave a comment here to enter you name for the drawing that will be held Monday, May 19, 2014 at noon! For more info on this product and my review of the product at Deadline to enter is Monday at midnight!  Spread the word!

One more thing if you are looking to purchase the Wusic Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker head on over to the WusicTech website by clicking here!

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Donate Today


Please take the opportunity to check out my website here. I have revamped my website several times and I finally decided redesign my website using WordPress! I founded this company back in Summer 2010 with the desire to help small to mid-size businesses, church, non-profit, and any other organization(s) that did not have a budget that allowed them to pursue a quality web design. My motto is “Your Budget Matters to Us.” That simply means that will do all we can to ensure that you get a quality website at an affordable price! In the past few years since I’ve started, I have picked up a few clients and my goal is to expand one day–that is a goal I will accomplish.

Donations are always welcome, though not required or demanded by me.  All proceeds will be used to further my company’s needs. This may include new software to enhance my services or even devices to help me stay current. There is no amount too small or too large! Can’t donate? I understand. Drop some encouraging words in the comments, especially if you are in a similar position like me!  I appreciate you taking out the time to read this blog entry!

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Beware of PayPal Scam

paypal scamReaders, please be cautious of emails that appear to be sent from a legit source. Today, I received an email on my company email that startled me. Before, I click any links I go to the source (which in this case is Paypal). The factious email stated that the system had discovered that my credit card may have been compromised and that my account was changed to “limited”. I immediately went to my account and found out that my account was in good standing and all was well.  Afterwards, I began to investigate the matter by Google searching some of the words contained in the fake email. Although not shocked, I was glad to see that others had experienced a similar issue as I had did. Having said all of this here are a few things to keep in mind.  Read more ›

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MY BBM Commercial

This video was submitted to a CrackBerry Contest(details here; contest is now over) held on November 8, 2013. Although I did not win the contest, I think I did an OK job given that I recorded and edited the video within minutes of each other. Kudos to the winner of the contest though! Click here to see the entry that won the contest!

By the way, if you have BBM on your iPhone or Android device add me 7AC94E5D

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Word Prediction


Source: Berryflow

As an avid BlackBerry user, I am always interested in seeing BlackBerry release a YouTube video comparing their phone to the competition. In the video above, you will see an iPhone 5s and a BlackBerry Z30 face-off in a typing dual. From my experience with any BlackBerry device, I’ve always found it easier to type using a BlackBerry device than any other device to date. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts! Especially iPhone 5s users! Have you had difficutly typing emails with your phone? Would the Z30 be an ideal phone to help you accomplish those tasks such as email and text?

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HTC One Max

I have been a long time BlackBerry user for some time now.  However, in September 2013, I left my comfort zone and decided to try an Android device. That Android device is the LG Optimus Pro G, which boasts a 5.5 inch screen; that is plenty of screen real estate (See
My Video Here). Read more ›

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