HTC One Max

I have been a long time BlackBerry user for some time now.  However, in September 2013, I left my comfort zone and decided to try an Android device. That Android device is the LG Optimus Pro G, which boasts a 5.5 inch screen; that is plenty of screen real estate (See
My Video Here).
Up until now I have been using my BlackBerry Z10 as my main device until this happened. 

Yep, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Now the device’s gestures do not work at all.  So for now my LG device is my primary device. Now I have to admit that the bigger screen has spoiled me, which brings me to the purpose of this blog entry.

As I was looking at posts on Instagram, I saw a video of the picture ,shown at the beginning of this blog. I instantly fell in love because it boasts a 5.9 inch screen. Not to mention, the HTC One Max comes with some pretty good audio speakers that are sure to give the user that quality sound desired. Especially when listening to your favorite tune or watching a Netflix movie. 

So is bigger always better? I tend to think so.  At one point, all phones were becoming slimmer and smaller. While phones are still becoming slimmer, screen size is increasing.  I would love to get my hands on an HTC Max One–one day. Until then I will have to wait until I can either review one or find a great deal so.I can purchase one.  

Sound off in the comments! Let me hear from you! Do you like bigger screens? Do you own the HTC One Max? If so, I definitely want to hear from you!

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One comment on “HTC One Max
  1. That’s a really fab device…i hope you’ll enjoy it..all d best..

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