Today we celebrate the life of a Civil Rights Pioneer, Martin Luther King, Jr.  Today is not a day off but a day of service.   A day to educate our children about loving people not based on skin color, but for who they are.  A salute not only MLK but all who have fought for the rights of all people not just some people. 


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My New Website

My Web design company now has a website. Please show your live by checking the site out and my blog postings! I would greatly appreciate it!


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Help an Aspiring Entreprenuer

Help me pursue my passion. Every little bit helps. I’ve raised $40 of the $70 needed. See my story here.


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Help Me Raise Funds

Click the link to donate today!
All funds received will go towards helping me purchase software (Artisteer) to further my web design business.  The software costs $129.95.

Please checkout My services are aimed at helping small to mid-size businesses and churches obtain a quality website at an affordable price!!

Note:  I am using the website

Thanks to all that will donate!


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Ruzzle availabe for Blackberry 10

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Happy 3 year anniversary to my wife!


On February 14, 2010 my wife and I made it official and got married. This occurred after church. We’ve had trials and tribulations but one thing for sure is that God has made us stronger.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Paul in Ephesians 5:22-32 writes about marriage and the parallel with Christ and the church!

To my wife I love you very much and look forward to spending the rest of time God has allotted for me here on earth!

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Through the Rain by Je’Kob

From his EP–Hope

Christian Rap at its best.

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